An Equitable Tomorrow:
Building a Decentralized Future.

The Decentralization Research Center (DRC) is a nonprofit organization that supports nonpartisan decentralization research and acts as a hub for critical stakeholders. Our mission is to encourage the equitable ownership, governance, and regulation of emerging technologies that impact our everyday lives.

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Decentralization research is diverse and dispersed.

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Our Latest Work

Speaker Series Kickoff -
Fireside with Chris Giancarlo, former CFTC Chair, on emerging tech & policy

September 2023

Report -
Toward Equitable Ownership and Governance in the Digital Public Sphere

Connor Spelliscy, Sarah Hubbard,
Nathan Schneider, Samuel Vance-Law
June 2023

Event -
Summit on Equitable Ownership & Governance

Harvard Kennedy School
April 4, 2023

Upcoming Events

The 2023 Canadian Emerging Tech & Policy Summit is an invite-only event that will bring together 70 leading policymakers, regulators, academics, and industry experts to align on Canada’s priorities for emerging technologies, with a particular focus on decentralized technologies. The summit will feature a series of lightning talks, panel discussions, and fireside chats tailored to foster connections between attendees.

The DRC will co-host this event with the Creative Destruction Lab and the Canadian Web3 Council

DAO UTokyo at the University of Tokyo is an invite-only conference focused on the various research, legal, and policy questions raised by Web3 and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, with a particular focus on South East Asia. 

The DRC is co-hosting this event with the University of Tokyo’s Blockchain Research Initiative and the Stanford Cyber Policy Center’s Program on Governance of Emerging Technologies.